Back to reality with a Trump

I have taken the opportunity of having spent the last four months in lands far, far away to be a bit of an ostrich and pretend real life is not happening the way it is, with particular regard to two things, Brexit and Donald Trump. But, of course, real life is happening and it’s about time I put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as it were, and try to make some sense of the multitude of thoughts and feelings that have been whizzing around my head of late.
Today, I will be focusing this article on Donald Trump and summarising some of my very own afore-mentioned thoughts and feelings. 

1. DISBELIEF: When Trump’s running for presidency was first hinted at, I never believed he would get it. Then, as was the case for many, this changed post-referendum and a quiet fear set in. I still hoped until the very last hour that he wouldn’t win. When he did, I simply stared blankly at my phone screen.

2. DISGUST: Trump repulses me, not only physically with his sickening orange fake tan, his vain and terrible excuse for hair, his slimy smirk and his attempted Blue Steel gaze, but also intellectually, humanly and socially. His despicable comments on and behaviour towards women spring to mind.

3. FEAR: Trump scares me. In fact, along with what he stands for and what he represents, he terrifies me. He is a bully. A sexist, racist, close-minded, unintelligent, insecure, scared and privileged bully who has chosen people of his ilk to run the most powerful and influential country in the world.

4. ANGER: Most of what comes out of Trump’s mouth, and the way it comes out, incenses me. Mocking a disabled reporter seems a fitting example here. My sense of justice and fairness as well as all my fundamental values are deeply offended by his person, his words, his actions and his rhetoric. 

5. “ADMIRATION”: During his campaign, I thought Trump was all talk. I took solace in the idea that, alone, he couldn’t do whatever the hell took his fancy. But, in a bid to affirm his position, Trump is in the midst of an order signing frenzy. He is doing what he said he would. We could do with more politicians standing by their pledges, though preferably with a little less poor judgment. And, before I give him too much credit, let’s not forget that democratic checks and balances are still in place, in the form of review by Congress and/or the Supreme Court. As with everything, Trump loves effect, he loves the headlines and publicity and scandal, and the media play along nicely, giving him exactly what he wants. Which leads me on to this: I initially thought Trump was perhaps cleverer than he made out, and in a way he is, he has played people, be it the population into voting for him or the media (though again I don’t think he can take all the credit there).

6. PITY: In any case, it stops there. Trump has not an ounce of human intelligence. He has zero empathy or compassion. He is a small man in desperate need for attention. He can’t deal with any form of criticism. He argues back like a child. And I can’t help but think of him as a puppet in the Oval Office, surrounded by the men he has chosen and who have much darker agendas than him, pouting like an amateur model as he shows off another order, incapable of understanding the far-reaching consequences of his words and actions. He is a sad and scared man who needs to do the things he does in order to feel better about himself.

And so, in the face of such a despicable and dangerous man, we must unite and fight on. We will not let him silence us. We will resist his bullying. We will continue to strive for peace, unity, openness and kindness. We will make sure that every day we balance his petty and nasty acts with our own, kind and generous.

Yours (albeit jet-lagged and somewhat discombobulated),


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