Meet me in Bali

For the first seven weeks of this trip, I missed James more than I ever thought I would. There were times where I had physical cravings simply to sit on the sofa with him, or to make a cup of tea together in the morning, or to feel his arms around me as I drift off to sleep. Time has stretched and felt impossibly long. But, in an odd way, time also felt extremely short. I spent the last couple of days before James’s arrival counting down the hours, minutes and seconds but, as crunch time approached, I found myself weirdly savouring the delicious anticipation of the moment I would meet him at Denpasar airport. I didn’t want it to come too quickly, for fear it would be over too soon. Then, as I sat in the arrivals hall, the nerves took over. I’m not entirely sure why, but I suddenly felt anxious to meet the person I’d been waiting to see for so long. Was it going to be awkward? Would we still like each other? Would we make good travel buddies?

Well, I’m happy to report that it was all just fine (no surprise, some might say), and we had a wonderful week. I won’t go into detail about our time together as I want to prolong the magic a little, and it would also take several posts to cover all the exciting stuff we got up to! Suffice to say we made sure we took things slowly, enjoyed every second together and reconnected. We hiked, we rented a scooter, we rode through rice paddies to waterfalls and temples, we semi-crashed a wedding, we swam, we ate, we drank, we climbed a volcano in the dark to witness the most amazing sunrise, we went to the beach, into the jungle, into the countryside, we got pampered, we ate some more. Here are a few pictures:

And now here I am in Canggu, at the Serenity yoga retreat, doing my best to readjust. Saying goodbye a second time was hard – I struggled to rein in the tears at the airport – as was arriving in a dorm, in the dark, encountering a giant cockroach in the bathroom, hearing that everyone here was sick, dealing with the proliferating mozzies, etc. I woke up yesterday in my empty dorm bed and felt a familiar pang, a slight lump in my stomach – the anxiety of starting anew, making new friends, doing my own thing. But that is exactly what I did. I spent my morning doing some admin, figuring out my finances and the plan for my last couple of weeks in Bali, had a delicious healthy lunch at the cafe next door, went for an incredibly painful yet amazing massage by a Balinese healer and attended my first Yin yoga class, which was the perfect relaxation after my first day. This morning, I headed down to the beach to catch some early rays, watching as the many surfers caught wave after wave, before attending a fantastic aerial yoga class with a wonderfully happy Balinese teacher, whom I couldn’t help but trust when he asked me to, spinning me upside down, hanging from my hammock with only my hips and ankles!

More soon now I’m back online!




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